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Connor Finlayson

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New Zealand
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I love building no code marketplaces, I love pushing the boundaries of what's possible with no code tools and I love empowering people to build amazing products (without having to rely on developers).

I am a huge believer that you should be in charge of your No Code project.
The big problem (in my opinion) of hiring developers is that you are reliant on them for the rest of time. And the reliance usually costs money and therefore puts your projects at risk. My goal is to help you build an epic project and stay independent at the same time.

Here is how I do it (and what I prefer to do - in this order):
1. One-on-one coaching - You build and when you are stuck, you get in touch with me and I help you out. I charge an hourly rate and just need a bit of notice.
2. Setup - I can help you set up your project, but I would highly highly recommend you do it yourself. If there are some one-off things that I can do to speed up the process, then sweet, but as a rule of thumb - I don't want to build entire projects (defeats the purposes of becoming a no coder)

I don't do free trials - but if you wanna  get an idea of how I work and the stuff I talk about, check out my ""How to build a marketplace without code"" video on

I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting your idea out to the world.

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